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Roles and Responsibilities 

User Research and Application Analysis

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About Green P 

Green P is a Toronto parking authority app that exists to provide safe, attractive, self-sustaining, conveniently located, and competitively priced off-street and on-street public parking as an integral component of Toronto's transportation system.

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Problems Faced

  • Users don't know how to use the app as their is no proper onboarding.

  • Users need to get out of the car to get to know how to use the parking app for doing payment.

  • Don't know the opening and closing timings of the parking spots.

Problem Statement

How can we simplify the process of paying for parking for families with young children, reducing their frustration and increasing customer satisfaction?


Users are often faced with the following problems:

  • The Green P application can be difficult to understand for some users since there are no clear instructions on what to do before or while registering for the app.

  • The app does not provide proper onboarding for learning about its features and how to use it.

  • There is no clear indication of the parking spot's location ID.

  • As part of the signup process, a fee is asked for.

  • In parking spots where there are signs stating that the app must be used for payment, there is no explanation of how to use it.


some positive aspects

Rather than having to pay with coins on the spot, parking can be paid on tap. And users can also park in the spot beforehand and then start paying when the charges start. And Once logged in the users find it easy to find a parking space as they find it using their destination.

Proto Persona

Design challenge - group 5 (1)

Empathy Map

Design challenge - group 5 (2)

Onboarding Task Flow  

Design challenge - group 5 (4)
Lo-Fi wireframe Design

Lo-Fi Frame  

Lo-Fi wireframe Design 2

Hi-Fi Frame  

Design challenge - group 5 (5)
Design challenge - group 5 (6)



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